NEW YORK and LONDON, June 29th, 2022 - Alqami, the Fintech start-up solving the alternative data set evaluation challenge, today announced the appointment of Dr. Leslie Kanthan to its Board of Directors. His appointment brings Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise and entrepreneurial leadership to support Alqami as they further develop their AI analytics and evaluation platform.

Samantha Campbell, CEO of Alqami, said, “We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Kanthan to Alqami’s Board of Directors. Leslie and his co-founded companies, TurinTech and Data Spartan, is a trailblazer in AI code optimization, automation and advanced analytics. He’s passionate about working with AI start-up teams who not only have a vision for building innovate platforms and applications that leverage AI/ML capabilities, but also those with business acumen.”

Dr. Kanthan commented “Alqami is using AI on alternative datasets to increase mapping
accuracy and robustness, while automating the evaluation and selection processes at scale in a very unique way. This is a game changer for the entire industry.”

The Board
Dr. Kanthan joins Non-Executive Directors Elizabeth Pritchard, Founder of White Rock Data Solutions, founding executive at Crux Informatics, former AIG Chief Operating Officer, CEO of Bitvore and Goldman Sachs Managing Director of Global Market Data Services; Michael Recce, CEO of AlphaROC and former Chief Data Scientist at Neuberger Berman, Government Investment Corporation of Singapore and Point72 Asset Management; and Patrick Porritt, Chief Business Officer of BIOS and Chairman of Alchera, and former Managing Director at Credit Suisse, BofA Merrill Lynch, and UBS.

A Few Words about Leslie Kanthan
Dr. Kanthan is a pioneer in quantitative research, predictive analytics, graph theory and efficient similarity search techniques in the financial industry and other sectors. His previous work in locality sensitive hashing now powers Uber. Before founding TurinTech, the leader in AI Optimization through its evoML platform, and DataSpartan, an AI, data science and quantitative finance specialist, Leslie worked with Santander, Orange Analytics, Microsoft, Bank of America, Commerzbank and Credit Suisse in Modelling and Quantitative Research.

Leslie is a Doctor of Philosophy with a PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science from University College London (UCL), with masters degrees in computational Statistics and Graph Theory from UCL/LSE, as well as an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from University of Warwick. Dr. Kanthan remains an active researcher in the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT), and interest in Artificial Intelligence. He continues to publish research and recently on alternative data for high frequency cryptocurrency trading. He has also undertaken volunteering work with schools to empower talented and diverse students into university and industry.

About Alqami

Established in 2021, Alqami is a fintech innovator accelerating the growth and mainstream adoption of alternative data through AI-driven solutions measuring the value of alternative data sets. Alqami is set to launch their AI SaaS solution that automates the analysis and valuation of data sets for research analysts.

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