Alqami and Althub are pleased to announce their global data distribution partnership which provides investors with new alternative data sources and an investment edge. Under this partnership both firms will leverage their existing data provider and data buyer networks to accelerate growth of the international alternative data marketplace.

Scott Hall, Founder and CEO of AltHub said “We are pleased to work with Alqami to bring new sources of alternative data to our financial clients. They are continuously seeking new data sources to drive investment alpha and our commitment is to scout, curate and deliver those unique sources globally. Our partnership with Alqami accelerates the process for all parties -- data providers, financial data buyers, Alqami and Althub.”

Samantha Campbell, Alqami CEO adds “Access to AltHub’s network offers our data provider clients broader distribution reach to alternative data buyers, predominantly throughout Northern America. This partnership also means we can bring a broader range and new alternative data products to our demand client’s globally. We see huge potential in our partnership and combining resources to share the opportunity that exists in this space”

We look forward to discussing these details with our client globally.


Althub – Mark Rosenblum:

Alqami – David Riley:

About Althub

ALTHUB provides alternative data and analytics to help investment professionals gain an investment edge. Established in 2017 and Headquartered in New York, ALTHUB is a team of data, technology, product, sales and investment professionals focused on scouting and normalizing select high impact alternative data sets for investment managers. Our focus from the wide range of alternative data sources is to curate specific data sets that offer predictive qualities and deliver these in an efficient way to our clients’ investment review teams.

About Alqami

ALQAMI believes data should be your strongest asset. We identify opportunities for alternative data vendors to gain increased commercial value from their data, by developing a go to market strategy with corporate and financial clients seeking an information edge. Established in 2019 Headquartered in London, with an office in New York and global coverage. Alqami collaborates with their partner network matching data sources and users.

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