Consumption of external data among modern investors and corporations is growing exponentially.

According to research, 53% of hedge funds are now using alternative data and to make use of this data over the past five years, there has been an increase of over 450% in specialised full-time employees.

With unprecedented volumes of data being produced each day and becoming available on the various marketplaces and data catalogues, it currently takes buyers up to 12 months to manually identify, source, structure, and back test this data against their proprietary models and strategies to find potential additive value.

Although investment firms and other corporates are convinced of the value that can be gained by incorporating alternative data sources, it is still very difficult for them to justify the costs associated with building the necessary teams and infrastructure to be able to leverage this type of data. Now most companies are weighing up the option of build vs buy to overcome these challenges.

See how Alqami is becoming the market leader in alternative data by solving demand focused challenges.

Through Data Intermediation

We save buyers hours of time and increase return on investment, by ensuring our data vendors have succeeded industry standard compliance checks and are equipped operationally to distribute their data frequently and on-time.

We specialize in finding esoteric, private companies that are collecting large volumes of interesting, valuable data, but not readily available to the global marketplace. With our knowledge of what alternative data consumers want and need, we educate and advise our data provider clients to create high quality, useful data products and streamline the acquisition process.

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ADS Alqami Platform

A stealth processing tool using AI advanced analytics to accelerate data discoverability, faster time to value, reduced operational complexity and costs, and data spend optimization. Our outsourced services and infrastructure systemizes and automates what is currently a human evaluation process to identify and select valuable alternative data sources based on users invoked parameters.

Whether you are an investment manager, insurer, or corporate, and whether you are an experienced external data user or still in exploratory phase, Alqami’s systematic approach allows data teams to zero in on datasets that best match their search criteria.

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