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The Data Ecosystem

What we Offer

We help our clients define and implement a holistic data strategy. We work with our clients to identify their key business challenges and work out what their ideal outcome would look like, in order to evaluate and implement the best solution.

We offer a range of services which have been designed to service all businesses wherever they are on their data maturity journey. Our aim is to help transition our clients from being a traditional business into a transformative one, using data as the foundation to achieve this.

Executive education delivered through the following courses:

  • Data Activation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Understanding Blockchain & Digital Currencies

Alqami advisory services is premised on the following ethos:

  • Being a neutral partner and service integrator.
  • Collaborate, iterate and remain client focused to realise quick results.
  • Create actionable insights to help clients unlock true value across their data landscape.
  • Drive data activation for both sources and uses of data.

Alqami unlocks your under-utilised assets to help improve your bottom line:

  • Companies are challenged with taking full advantage of the data they generate and collect internally.
  • Breaking down data silos drives cost saving and the ability to identify new revenue opportunities.
  • Combining seemingly ‘unrelated’ data sets can create additional value when applying data analytics and machine learning.
  • Understanding a company's full internal data landscape will ensure regulatory compliance and efficiency

Alqami connects creators and users of data to discover opportunities:

  • Creating a global network of suppliers and consumers of data across multiple industries.
  • Identifying unique, obscure data connections to help activate under-utilised assets and accelerate a more fluid value exchange between organisations.
  • Using a proven data transfer platform ensures a secure, controlled, compliant, and auditable flow of data between organisations.
  • Applying a partnership model ensures clients gain access to a range of world class data specialists and emerging technologies to unlock additional value.