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About Alqami

We provide value to our customers by identifying under-utilised data assets and developing a go-to-market strategy to realise commercial value. We do this through our partner network across the data marketplace, connecting supply with demand. We also offer data valuation and advisory services in support of a holistic data strategy and monetisation approach.

Our Mission

Data is everywhere and it has become the most powerful asset in the world. While businesses have lots of data, they often don’t know how to activate its true potential. Alqami engage with businesses to educate and guide them on their journey to data maturity.

We do this by assessing an organisation's current data eco-system, identifying any gaps and discovering new opportunities. Alqami and our wider partner network
are well equipped to identify technical, regulatory and strategic requirements in order to build an optimal, tailored approach to leveraging your data as an asset.

Our Leadership Team

We’re passionate, innovative, agile and committed to your success in finding increased value from data. Think of us as an extension to your team, using our network to expedite results.

Samantha Campbell

Chief Executive Officer

Samantha Campbell is a founding team member joining Alqami in 2018 as Director of Operations before becoming CEO. She leads the team with a desire to help businesses recognize the importance and value of data. Samantha is responsible for defining business strategy and managing the team's focus across London and the U.S. to deliver sustainable growth and success of the company.

Prior to launching Alqami, Samantha held various traditional finance roles including three years as a Treasury Accountant for a mid-tier mining company, trading FX and managing the Australian business cashflow. She also served as in business development for a fixed Income broker working with a wide range of wholesale and institutional clients, when initially transitioning into financial services. Then secured her position in the Wholesale Client Coverage team for UBS Asset Management (Australia), as a Research Associate, responsible for coordinating the research due diligence and data requirements for the Ratings, Consulting and National Account clients.

Samantha is vibrant, personable, and strives to operate with flexibility giving her an ability to cope with high pressure and challenges.

David Riley

Head of Business Development

David is responsible for Strategy and Business Development within the Americas. His specific focus at Alqami is building out the advisory capabilities, as well as business development and strategy across all solutions provided.

David has spent the last 20 years in strategy, leadership, business development, and advisory roles in financial services and consulting firms. He has extensive experience in product and proposition development, as well as M&A and post merger integrations, for both early phase and global organisations. He has held senior positions with Barclays, Deutsche Bank and the London Clearing House. He started his career in New York, and has subsequently worked extensively across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

David holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Ohio State, and an MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). David is an energetic and adaptable person who enjoys a wide range of activities outside of work from hiking through to history. He brings these passions into his professional endeavours.

Haydn Jones

Director and Co-Founder

Haydn has 20+ years of diverse leadership experience covering technology, equities, treasury, operations, payments and settlements, consulting, sales, enterprise architecture, procurement, strategy, central banking and regulation.

Haydn most recently founded an education business through which he presented courses and training on data activation, digital transformation, and understanding blockchain technology and digital currencies. Most recent delivery has been to financial institutions in China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Russia.

Prior to this Haydn was General Manager of the Japanese, global technology company Fujitsu, and has held senior Ops and Tech strategy roles in the Bank of England, A.T. Kearney and Deutsche Bank.

He is a trained Engineer, holding an M.Eng from Manchester University, with English Bar exams and is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is an inclusive, driven, highly creative, strategist. He has a broad interest in science and geo-politics. Above all, he is a realist.